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Albury Community Health Centre

Albury Community Health Centre provides a women’s health nurse (Brigitte Weber) who provides a range of services within Albury & Wodonga Shire. Child & Family Services aims to promote the health of infants, children and their families. They monitors the growth and development of babies and young children and provides educational support to parents/carers. Terminations are not provided but will make a referral. Free pregnancy tests and pregnancy choices counselling & support, sexually transmitted illnesses screening & pap testing. Referral and advice on accessing other services. Telephone and outreach counselling is also available Tuesday to Friday.

Community Health Centre is open Monday to Friday 8.30am-5pm.

Appointments are necessary (except for Drop-In Service on Thursday 10am to 3pm).

  • Cost: Free
  • Referrals: Yes
  • 24 Hours: No
  • Outreach: No
  • Walk-ins: Yes
  • Appointments: Yes
  • Address: 596 Smollett Street
  • Main Contact: (02) 6058 1825

Services Offered:

  • Child Health Checks
  • Post Natal Depression Screening
  • Education on:
    • Breastfeeding
    • Immunisation
    • Nutrition
    • Parent craft
    • Growth & Development
    • Behaviour & Parenting
    • Bottle Feeding
    • Family Health
  • Aboriginal Services,
  • Alcohol and other drug services
  • Child and Family Services
  • Community Nursing
  • Continence Service
  • Generalist Counselling
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Child Protection Counselling Services
  •  Sexual Assault
  • Sexual Health,
  • Womens Health Service
  • Family Planning

Albury Community Service Centre (ACSC) Emergency Relief


Delivers Emergency Relief in the form of food, Safeway vouchers, chemist vouchers, Telstra vouchers and assistance with transport for medical treatment. ACSC is also an information and referral service.

  • Referrals: Yes
  • 24 Hours: Yes
  • Outreach: No
  • Walk-ins: Yes
  • Appointments: Yes
  • Address: Globe Arcade, Kiewa Street Albury
  • Telephone: 02 6021 5384

Albury Supported Accommodation Service (ASAS)

Albury Supported Accommodation Service is a community based organisation which services Albury and surrounding districts. ASAS assist families and single adults over the age of 18 years who are homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or in a crisis. Staff will sit down with people and advise them on what housing options are available in Albury and surrounding areas. However, ASAS  is not a provider of emergency accommodation. They are open Monday to Friday, 9am till 5pm.

  • Cost: Free
  • Referrals: Yes
  • 24 Hours: No
  • Outreach: No
  • Walk-ins: Yes
  • Appointments: Yes
  • Address: 562 Macauley St?
  • Main Contact: (02) 6021 6366
  • After Hours (free call): 1800 885 355
  • Email Address:

They provide 3-12 months of accommodation for homeless women and children whilst also engaging in emotional and practical support. The following further describes each service available:

Case Management Support

• ASAS provide case management support to tenants who live in an ASAS property. The worker will assist people to source long term housing and link them with services required, to enable community integration.

Outreach Support

• Staff also offer outreach support for 3-6 months, to people who have left ASAS accommodation to maintain a secure tenancy. These people may have moved into private rental, Housing NSW or Homes Out West/other long term accommodation.

Early Intervention

• ASAS can also offer very short term early intervention support to people in private rental, Housing NSW or Homes Out West properties whose tenancy is at risk, to assist the person to secure their tenancy.

Aboriginal NILS (No Interest Loan Scheme)

  • ASAS now have a worker who can assist people in completing application forms for the Aboriginal NILS. ASAS do not make a decision as to whether the loan is approved/not approved. ASAS can only assist in completing the application forms and then the application is sent away for assessment.

Staff can furthermore link people with other services where there is an identified need such as financial counselling, personal counselling, Centrelink, drug and alcohol services and legal advice.





Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service


Albury Wodonga Aboriginal Health Service aims to provide and improve health outcomes for our local Aboriginal community with a range of culturally appropriate, flexible, reliable, professional and viable health and well being services, to strengthen, nurture, enhance and maintain the overall quality of life of our community members.

Transport to Community Health is available for those who have no transport. AWAHS has a skilled experienced medical team and general practitioners . At AWAHS we cover all aspects of clinical care within the limits of our training and experience. Clinic Nurse provides health checks and general information on women’s health issues. Generalist counsellors and a female doctor are also available.

Monday to Friday (excluding public holidays)9am to 12.30pm and 1.30pm to 5pm

Appointment necessary.

  • Cost: Bulk Billing available.
  • Referrals: Yes
  • 24 Hours: No
  • Outreach: Yes
  • Walk-ins: No
  • Appointments: Yes
  • Address: 644 Daniel St
  • Main Contact: (02) 6040 1200

Areas of interest include:

– Child and adolescent health (with assistance from Albury Paediatric Group: Dr Mark Norden)

– Adult physical and mental health  encompassing acute and chronic illness and illness prevention.

– Acute healthcare/ trauma/ orthopaedics/minor surgery.

– Antenatal care (in conjunction with Kate Taylor RN) and in partnership with Albury Wodonga Health Wodonga obstetrics unit. Both Pat Giddings and Tess Goodwin are obstetric GP’s with ongoing involvement in care during birth. Dr Gordon Taylor continues shared antenatal care.


The Nursing team at AWAHS support the medical team and offer a wide range of services to service the community these include but are not limited to:

- Child and Adult Health Checks
- Triage
- Chronic Condition Management
- Smoking Cessation- QUIT Program
- Immunisations
- Womens health
- Midwifery
- Diabetes support and education
- Wound care
- Home visits

The Social and Emotional Well Being team offers a wide range of services including but not limited to:

- Drug and Alcohol Counselling
- Stolen Generation Support (Bringing them home)
- Mental Health Support
- Support Groups

Men’s Shed
The Mens Shed is designed to run programs specifically for Aboriginal men. It is located behind the AWAHS building and can be booked out through AWAHS reception for events, programs and meetings. Priority will be given to men’s events.

Albury Wodonga Women’s Centre for Health and Wellbeing

The Women’s Centre for Health and Wellbeing  provides support for women by women through feminist action. The Women’s Centre is a feminist service which is respectful of diversity and promotes the empowerment, health and well being of women by providing information, support and counselling. By working with other services and the community, the Women’s Centre is committed to building relationships, community development, social action, advocacy and public debate. It is available and restricted to all women in the region. Counselling and group work programs are held on issues depending on demand.

The centre is open Tuesday to Thursday, 9am-5pm. Generalist and Family Violence Counsellors are available Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday 10am–4pm. Appointments are necessary for all services.

  • Cost: Free
  • Referrals: Yes
  • 24 Hours: No
  • Outreach: No
  • Walk-ins: Yes
  • Appointments: Yes


  • Court Support in NSW
  • Counselling and support for life’s challenges
  • Group programs for women
  • Domestic/family violence counselling, information and support
  • Counselling for women who were sexually assaulted in childhood (in partnership with NSW Rape Crisis Centre)
  • Financial literacy skills
  • Well Women’s Clinic
  • Information, referrals and advocacy
  • Support for lesbians
  • Health promotion programs
  • A No Interest Loans Scheme (accredited through Good Shepherd)
  • Professional development
  • Outreach programs by negotiation
  • Quarterly Newsletter (members only)
  • A women-only space
  • Services and Membership (optional) free of charge
  • Women’s Help Centre
  • Generalist Counselling
  • Counselling, Advocacy & Court Assistance
  • Help Against Family Violence
  • Information, Referrals and Advocacy
  • Health Promotion Programs
  • Therapeutic Group Programs
  • No Interest Loan Scheme Program
  • Southern Women’s Domestic Violence Court Advocacy Service (SWDVCAS)

Women’s Health Clinic held on the 2nd Wednesday of each month 9.30am-4pm. Nurse provides: pap tests, sexually transmitted illnesses screening, menstrual, menopause, breast health, pregnancy issues, indigenous health, lesbian health and stress.

Rape Crisis Group for adults who experienced childhood sexual assault is held each Thursday.

Alpine Health

Alpine Health is a multipurpose service with three sites in the Alpine Shire towns of Bright, Mount Beauty and Myrtleford.

Alpine Health provides integrated acute health, community health and community and aged residential services for residents and visitors of the Alpine Shire.

Alpine Health is dynamic and innovative in its approach to meeting the health needs of the Alpine Shire communities.

Our mission is to ‘improve the health and wellbeing of communities’ and our vision is to be a recognised leader in the improvement of the health of communities.

As a team of dedicated staff, volunteers and community members we strive to continually expand and grow our services to provide ongoing and relevant care to residents in an environment that is constantly changing and challenging.

For further information, click here.

  • Referrals: No
  • 24 Hours: No
  • Outreach: No
  • Walk-ins: Yes
  • Appointments: Yes
  • Myrtleford: 30 O'Donnell Avenue, Myrtleford 3736
  • Mt Beauty: 2-8 Hollonds Street, Mt Beauty 3699
  • Bright: 32-36 Cobden Street, Bright 3741
  • Myrtleford (Administration): (03) 5751 9344
  • Myrtleford (Hospital): (03) 5751 9300
  • Mt Beauty: (03) 5754 3500
  • Bright (Hospital): (03) 5755 0100
  • Alpine Community Health: (03) 5755 0123

Urgent Care

- Alpine Health provides an urgent care service at each of its three main sites (Myrtleford, Bright and Mt Beauty) across a 24 hour period seven days per week. This service is provided for the treatment of conditions requiring urgent attention.

Maternity Services

Alpine Health provides a maternity care for all women and birthing services for low risk women.

1.   Booking In Service
2.   Baby capsule hire service
3.   Hospital tour (antenatal, birth, postnatal facilities)
4.   Antenatal care & check ups
5.   Pregnancy & birth education classes
6.   Antenatal monitoring (cardiotocography) if required
7.   Antenatal ultrasounds on site provided by external service provider.
8.   Labour & Birth Care
9.   Post birth Care
10. Breastfeeding support
11. Home visit following discharge home
12. New Born Hearing Screening

Community and Support Services

1. District Nursing Service (including Hospital in the Home, Post Acute Care

2. Rural Child & Adolescent Program

The aim of the Rural Child & Adolescent program is to improve the mental health and well-being of young people and their families within the Alpine shire. It provides the following services:

3. Child & Adolescent Health Worker

Health Promotion Worker (Primary Schools)

Providing settings based health promotion interventions and school support for children aged 5-12 years and their families.

4. Youth Worker

Working to improve the health of the young people age 12 – 24 of Mount Beauty, upper Kiewa Valley and Alpine Shire. Facilitating access to youth services and events and supporting young people and their families by providing information, advocacy and guidance.

Benalla Community Care

Benalla community health nurse provides some sexual health services along with a range of others detailed on the services tab.

Mon to Fri 8.30am – 5 pm.

  • Cost: Approx. $8.80 for Pensioners & Health Care Card Holders.
  • Referrals: No
  • 24 Hours: No
  • Outreach: No
  • Walk-ins: No
  • Appointments: Yes
  • Address: 45 Coster Street
    (next to Benalla hospital)
  • Main Contact: (03) 5761 4500
  • Sexual health services: (03) 5761 2200
  • Head Office:

Services including Sexual Health Services, Maternal & Child Health Services, Family Support, Financial Counselling, Family and Childrens Services and Counselling Services.

Berry Street

Berry Street work with children, young people and families with the most challenging and complex needs. These children and young people have often suffered great distress and significant harm growing up in families where violence, neglect, abuse, trauma and poverty have prevented them from having a good childhood.
They aim to:

  • help children and young people recover from the devastating impact of family violence, abuse and neglect
  • help women keep themselves and their children safe from family violence
  • help struggling mothers and fathers to be the parents they want to be
  • contribute to, and advocate for, a fairer and more inclusive community
  • provide foster care and kinship care when children can’t live safely at home

They have four offices in the Hume Region, Shepparton, Kaiela, Alexandra and Seymour.

  • Cost: Free
  • Referrals: Yes
  • 24 Hours: No
  • Outreach: No
  • Walk-ins: Yes
  • Appointments: Yes
  • Shepparton: 110 Wyndham Street Shepparton VIC 3630
  • Shepparton (Kaiela): Reedy Swamp Road
  • Alexandra: 58 Grant St
  • Seymour: 52 Station St
  • Shepparton: 03 5822 8100
  • Shepparton (Kaiela): 03 5820 3900
  • Alexandra: 03 5770 2200
  • Seymour: 03 5799 0039
  • Shepparton:

Programs & Services in the Hume Region:

  1. Community

Deliver programs with a focus on the early years, financial inclusion and capacity building in rural communities. Engage with groups within the community

  • Connect for Kids
  • Early Learning is Fun
  • Emergency Relief
  • Parenting after Bushfires
  • Safe and Caring Communities
  • Saver Plus – Financial Inclusion Program

2. Education, Training & Employment

We run an independent school with three campuses, and an extensive range of other education support and training programs.

  • Adult Community Education
  • Leaps and Bounds
  • School Focussed Youth Service
  • Shepparton Good Start
  • Youth Arts
  • Youth Connections

3. Family Services

Our family services support parents to better care for and nurture their children and help resolve conflict between parents and their adolescents. We deliver responsive and flexible support options to women and children experiencing family violence.

  • Children’s Contact Service
  • Post Separation Cooperative Parenting Program

4. Foster & Kinship Care

When children can’t live safely at home because of serious child abuse, neglect and family violence, Berry Street provides the appropriate level of care.

5. Residential Care

Residential care has often been seen as an option of “last resort” but we recognise that residential care is a valuable alternative for those young people who are unable to live safely at home or in foster or kinship care.

6. Therapeutic

Through clinical services and counselling programs we work with the distressed child or young person, their family, carer and other services, to help them recover from their trauma.

7. Sexual Abuse Prevention program




Youth Services




Bushfire Youth Support Program

Health & Wellbeing Project

Intensive Case Management

L2P – Learner Driver Mentoring Program

Leaving Care

Youth Participation & Access – YiMiP & YiMuP


Bettys Place Women’s Refuge Albury

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Bettys Place provides a safe and supportive environment for women and children who are escaping or have experienced Domestic and/or Family violence. Our service is staffed by professional women who can assist with crisis accommodation, case management, Local and Family Court support and advocacy. Outreach services are also available for women and children in need of support but who do not require crisis accommodation. Assisted referrals to other services can also be provided. Betty’s Place supports women from Albury, Greater Hume & Corowa Local Government Areas in addition to the Victorian Local Government Area’s of Indigo, Towong and Wodonga. They facilitate 8 residential units for accomodation, providing safe and supportive living quarters. Women do not necessarily have to reside in the Refuge to access the support services. Minimal assistance may be offered to homeless women, however this is not our target group. Also a base for the Albury Wodonga Domestic Violence Committee. Their staff hours are 8am till 6pm Monday to Thursday and 8am till 5pm on Friday, A 24 hour phone contact is available. They are committed to the following:

  • Addressing the issues in our community which result in the perpetration of domestic violence against women and children
  • Increasing awareness in the wider community about the prevalence and issues of family violence and social injustice, through community education, community development, advocacy and professional training
  • Providing a flexible service, which is responsive to individual needs with a particular awareness and respect of differences such as age, culture and sexual orientation
    • Cost: Free
    • Referrals: Yes
    • 24 Hours: Yes
    • Outreach: No
    • Walk-ins: Yes
    • Appointments: Yes
    • Location: Confidential
    • Main Contact (during business hours): (02) 6041 4141
    • 24 Hour Crisis Support: (02) 6041 4141
    • NSW Domestic Violence Hotline: 1800 656 463
    • VIC Domestic Violence Crisis Service: 1800 015 188

    Betty’s place provide short-term crisis accommodation/ refuge, counselling & group programs for women and children, assistance with court matters & practical support, case management, advocacy and information on all issues pertaining to domestic violence. Outreach services are also available for women and children in need of support but who do not require crisis accommodation. Assisted referrals to other services can also be provided.


    Bond Assistance

    If you can’t afford to pay the bond when renting privately, you may be able to borrow the money. There are income and asset limits for public housing assistance and bond loans in Victoria. For more information see the website listed.

    • Referrals: No
    • 24 Hours: No
    • Outreach: No
    • Walk-ins: No
    • Appointments: No

      Border Family Planning Clinic

      Located in Albury the Border Family Planning Clinic provides information and counselling to assist both male and female clients to make informed decisions about all aspects of sexual health. Services include: pap smears; breast checks; contraception; pregnancy tests; termination counselling; infertility investigation; screening and treatment of STD’s including HIV and AIDS; menstrual problems; menopause counselling and advice; and sexual counselling.

      Staffed by female doctors and nurses.

      All services are completely confidential.

      Appointment necessary for first visit.

      Doctor available one evening a week please ring for times.

      Tuesday 4pm-6pm Wednesday either 4pm – 6pm or 5.30pm-7.30pm Thursday 4pm-6pm

      • Cost: Bulk Billing for most services.
      • Referrals: Yes
      • 24 Hours: No
      • Outreach: No
      • Walk-ins: No
      • Appointments: Yes
      • Address: 596 Smollett Street
      • Main Contact: (02) 6058 1866

      Centre Against Violence

      Centre Against Violence (formally known as Upper Murray Centre Against Sexual Assualt) provides free and confidential counselling for people affected by family violence and/or sexual assault, whether past or recent. We provide services to victim/survivors of family violence and/or sexual assault. We provide sexual assualt services to male and female adults, young people, children and their parents or caregivers.

      CAV provides services for people living in the eastern Hume region of Victoria. The region includes the following areas: Rutherglen, Wangaratta, Chiltern, Wodonga, Beechworth, Yackandandah, Tallangatta, Upper Murray, Bright, Myrtleford, Oxley and Mansfield. We provide counselling services in Wangaratta, Wodonga and Benalla.

      Please ring us to talk with a Counsellor/Advocate and arrange an appointment. CAV family violence and sexual assault counsellors have relevant professional qualifications, and specific training and experience in family violence, sexual assault and/or trauma counselling and advocacy.

      We run a 24/7 hotline for sexual assualt and our in-person counselling operates Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

      • Cost: Free
      • Referrals: Yes
      • 24 Hours: Yes
      • Outreach: Yes
      • Walk-ins: No
      • Appointments: Yes
      • Address: 29 Templeton Street

        195 Melbourne Road
      • Main Contact: (03) 57 22 2203
      • After hours sexual assault issues (free call): 1800 806 292
      • After hours for domestic/family violence issues (free call): 1800 015 188
      • :
      • Email Address:

      Counselling services provided are:

      Crisis Care for women affected by domestic/family violence

      Recovery support for women affected by domestic/family violence

      Support for Children affected by Family Violence -Crisis Care and Recovery

      Counselling Advocacy for victim survivors of Sexualised Assaults

      Therapeutic Treatment Services for children with problem sexualised behaviours- 10 and under

      Therapeutic Treatment Services for young people with abusive sexualised behaviours- 11 to 14 years old

      Child and family Service and Child FIRST

      Placing children and youth first, the Every Child Every Chance reforms provide professionals working within the sector more effective processes to:

      • listen to what children and young people want and need
      • enable earlier intervention
      • reduce child abuse and neglect
      • provide better support to Aboriginal children, young people and their families
      • work together in cooperation with other providers of children, young people and family services.

      If you or someone you know needs support in your family or you would just like to discuss concerns you have for a child, call the Child FIRST service in you local area for a chat. If you believe that a child is in need of protection but you’re not sure your concerns meet the child protection threshold, call Child FIRST for a confidential consultation.


      For more information visit:

      • Cost: Free
      • Referrals: Yes
      • 24 Hours: No
      • Outreach: Yes
      • Walk-ins: Yes
      • Appointments: Yes
      • Lower Hume (Seymour): 1300 855 614
      • Goulburn Valley (Shepparton): 1300 854 944
      • Central Hume (Wangaratta): 1800 705 211
      • Upper Hume (Wodonga): 1800 705 211

      Child Protection Services

      What do child protection services provide

      Child Protection provides child-centred, family-focused services to protect children and young people from significant harm caused by abuse or neglect within the family. It also aims to make sure that children and young people receive services to deal with the affect of abuse and neglect on their wellbeing and development.

      The role of the Child Protection Service is to:

      • Receive reports from people who believe a child needs protection from abuse or neglect.
      • Provide advice to people who report cases of abuse or neglect.
      • Investigate when a child is believed to have been abused or is at risk of abuse or neglect.
      • Refer children and families to services in the community for ongoing support and harm prevention.
      • Take matters to the Children’s Court if the child’s safety within the family cannot be guaranteed.
      • Supervise children on legal orders granted by the Children’s Court.

      Mandatory reporting of child abuse

      Some professionals such as doctors, nurses, police and school teachers are legally obliged to report suspected child abuse. In addition, any person who believes on reasonable grounds that a child needs protection can make a report to the Victorian Child Protection Service. It is the Child Protection worker’s job to assess and, where necessary, further investigate if a child or young person is at risk of significant harm.

      Further information can be found on Reporting child abuse or Making a referral to Child FIRST. To access their website, click here.


      • Cost: Free
      • Referrals: Yes
      • 24 Hours: Yes
      • Outreach: Yes
      • Walk-ins: Yes
      • Appointments: Yes
      • Hume Region (free call): 1800 650 227
      • After Hours (Victoria): 131 278
      • Wangaratta Office: 0357 220555
      • Wodonga Office: 0260 557777
      • Shepparton Office: 0358 321500
      • Seymour Office: 0357 936400

      There are a range of services in our community that aim to support families and protect children. These can be categorised into three levels:

      • Universal (primary) services – are offered to everyone in the community. They include antenatal services (pregnancy counselling and advice), maternal and child health services, and preschool education. These services aim to provide support and help to prevent abuse and neglect.
      • Secondary services – identify and reduce the personal and social stresses on parents that may lead to family breakdown or child abuse. Services include in-home family help, financial or family counselling, respite care, and various parenting and self-help groups.
      • Tertiary (statutory) services – are for children who are or may be at risk of significant harm, and for whom intervention is needed for their ongoing safety. These services include the statutory Child Protection Service and Placement Service for children who are unable to live at home. Generally, where families are experiencing difficulties, it is more appropriate that less intrusive community-based professionals and agencies attempt to assist. Referral to the Child Protection Service occurs only where children and young people are at risk of significant harm.

      Cobram Community Health

      The Cobram District Community Health Centre (CDCHC) is committed to improving the health and wellbeing of the residents of Cobram and District, with the aim being that the demand for more specialised medical and acute hospital services is reduced. Women’s Health Nurse is available.

      • Referrals: Yes
      • 24 Hours: No
      • Outreach: No
      • Walk-ins: Yes
      • Appointments: Yes
      • Address: Broadway Street
      • Main Contact: (03) 5871 0900

      The Community Health Centre has a range of locally based and visiting services. See below for a list of local services.

      Midwife Care. Support at home following early discharge, lactation clinics and ante-natal classes.

      See below for a list of visiting services.

      • Problem Gambling
      • Drug and Alcohol
      • Counselling
      • Family Counselling
      • Aged Care Assessment Service
      • Dietician
      • Podiatry (private)
      • Community Interlink
      • Moira Healthcare Alliance
      • Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service
      • Adult Mental Health
      • Sleep and Sitting Clinic
      • Audiology
      • Centre Against Sexual Assualt

      Community Health Mansfield

      Mansfield community health nurse available Tuesday and Thursday offering a range of services including contreception. Counsellors also providing support and advocacy services for individuals, couples and families.

      • Cost: Some fees apply
      • Referrals: No
      • 24 Hours: No
      • Outreach: No
      • Walk-ins: No
      • Appointments: Yes
      • Adress: 10 Bank Place
      • Main Contact: (03) 5775 1933

      Services include: generalist & grief counsellor and a general community health nurse covering contraception.


      Consumer Action Law Centre

      Free legal advice helpline, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. 1800 466 477

        • Cost: Free
        • Referrals: No
        • 24 Hours: No
        • Outreach: No
        • Walk-ins: No
        • Appointments: No
        • Main Contact: 1300 558 181

        Corryong Medical Centre (Upper Murray Health)

        Four general practitioners provide medical services along with on call services through the Urgent Care Centre at the hospital. There is also a female General Practitioner bi-monthly sponsored though the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

        Registered Nurses provide general practice nursing services including health assessments, screening information and asthma education. the Practice Nurses are also women’s health and immunisation credentialed.

        A General Surgeon and Paediatrician visit on a regular basis.

        After hours emergency care is available through the Urgent Care Centre of UMHC&S

        Office Hours 9:00am to 5:00pm Monday to Friday.

        • Cost: All services are bulk billed
        • Referrals: Yes
        • 24 Hours: No
        • Outreach: Yes
        • Walk-ins: No
        • Appointments: Yes
        • Address: Kiell Street
        • Main Contact: (02) 6076 3290
        • After Hours: (02) 6076 3200
        • Email Address:

        - Women’s Health Practice Nurses available.

        – Visiting female GP every 6-8 weeks.

        – Visiting female counsellor.

        – Home Visits If it is impossible for you to attend the clinic, home visits may be arranged in some circumstances, by telephoning thePractice Manager or Practice Nurse, who will consult with your doctor. In general if you are severely ill you should go to the Upper Murray Health Urgent Care Centre, rather than arrange a home visit.

        Denis Medical Group

        Denis Medical Group located in Yarrawonga (shire of Moira) is a family medical clinic, located in a purpose built building, incorporating allied health services. The practice is fully computerised, has a great team of dedicated nurses, full time practice manager and a caring team of reception staff.

        Our fully trained pap smear nurses provide a free service for women on a Tuesday afternoon.  They are fully supported by our female doctors. Please phone for an appointment.

        Dr Tania Jones provides a privately billed women’s health clinic which can be used to discuss contraception, pre pregnancy planning, menopausal symptoms, pap smears or any female health concern.  Please phone for an appointment and to be advised of costs.  These are 30 minute consultations.

        Appointment Necessary for all services.


        Monday – Friday   9 am – 6 pm
        Saturday  9 am – 12 noon (when on-call)


        The practice runs an after-hours service which is shared with the Yarrawonga Medical Clinic.

        • Referrals: No
        • 24 Hours: No
        • Outreach: No
        • Walk-ins: No
        • Appointments: Yes

        Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault National Help Line

        Telephone counselling for females and males specialising in domestic violence and sexual assault which is available in all regions nation wide.

        1800 737 732

          • Cost: Free
          • Referrals: No
          • 24 Hours: Yes
          • Outreach: No
          • Walk-ins: No
          • Appointments: No
          • Free Call: 1800 737 732

          This service provides over the phone counselling on sexual assault and domestic violence. They are also able to provide referrals to allow you to book appointments at local agencies to seek further help.

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