Integrated Committee function and structure

These committees are supported by the Regional Integration Coordinator, who acts as a secretariat for the purpose of progressing the strategic goals and priorities. The Regional Integration Coordinator also represents the committees at statewide forums to advocate on their behalf.

The committees are overseen by an executive committee who is representative of both Goulburn and Ovens Murray. This committee is run by the Department of Health & Human Services – the funding body for the integrated family violence service system.

Goulburn Integrated Family Violence Committee

The safety of women and children across the Goulburn area is the key vision for this committee. They work towards this goal by focusing on data collection, perpetrator accountability and the recommendations of the Royal Commission into Family Violence.

Membership is from a range of local organisations who represent women, children and men’s specialist family violence and sexual assault services, statutory Departments, housing and homelessness, children, youth and families, justice and legal, and the Aboriginal community. Members on the committee:

  • Represent the view of their organisation;
  • Engage in conversations of collaboration and best practice during and outside of the meetings;
  • Share relevant information with their organisation in line with achieving the committee’s strategic priorities; and
  • Provide relevant information to the committee from other key sector portfolios they hold to enhance the knowledge and productivity of this committee.

Ovens Murray Integrated Family Violence Committees

Ovens Murray work towards women and children living free from violence in their community. They focus on the following areas to progress this vision: strengthen integration, increase safety of women and children in legal settings, increase support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children, act as advocates and leaders, build the capacity of our workforce, and support men who are perpetrators of family violence to change.

Membership is formed by representatives of local specialist family violence and sexual assault services and other related sectors, such as housing and homelessness, legal, justice, children, youth, families and statutory Departments. The Ovens Murray area host two committees to progress the work: Strategic Committee (who define the priorities) and an Operational Group (who implement those priority areas).

Indigenous Family Violence Regional Action Group

IFVRAG’s have a pivotal role in implementing community-led responses that educate, prevent, respond to and reduce family violence in Aboriginal communities adopting culturally appropriate practices. Click here for more information or contact the coordinator, Tracy Hardie – 

Child and Family services Alliance

A Child and Family Services Alliance is established in each Child FIRST catchment. The Child and Family services Alliance is represented by all funded child & family services, Aboriginal family services, child protection and DHHS.

Goulburn: Click here for more information on our local Child FIRST or contact the Goulburn coordinator, Katie Huddleston – or Naomi Mazzone-Zandt –

For Ovens Murray, Click here for more information on our local Child FIRST or contact the contact coordinator, Michelle Clarke – 

Hume Region Homelessness Network

The Hume Region Homelessness Network (HRHN) meets bi-monthly and is supported by the HRHN coordinator. The HRHN coordinator is auspice by Rural Housing Network Limited. The Networks have expanded beyond Specialist Homelessness Support Services agencies to include Transitional Housing Management and other support services including allied health, mental health, family violence, emergency relief support and others. For more information, contact Jan Armstrong – 

Family Law Pathways Network

The Australian Government funds Family Law Pathways Networks around Australia. Each Network comprises of professionals operating within the family law system who focus on information-sharing and networking opportunities in a local area; and develop and maintain cross-sector training to help build stronger working relationships across the family law system.

Goulburn – for more information, contact our local networker, Paula Glassborow –

Ovens Murray – for more information, contact our local networker, Kirraly Jeffery – 

Hume Justice Reference Group

The purpose of the groups is to build partnerships focused on crime prevention between government departments, local government, police and local organisations. These partnerships will help support local communities to take an active role in preventing crime in their own neighbourhoods and towns. For more information, contact Jackie Thompson: 


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Benalla Family Violence Prevention Network

The Benalla Health and Wellbeing Action Group was formed in 2010 and in 2011 re-established the Benalla Family Violence Prevention Network as a sub-committee of the Action Group meeting bi-monthly.

The Benalla Family Violence Prevention Network is a community based group made up of government and non-government agencies and community members who are committed to family violence prevention. The Network acknowledges that a range of interventions are required to reduce family violence in the community.

Members include: Benalla Health, Benalla Rural City Council, Central Hume Primary Care Partnership, Victoria Police, Centre Against Violence, Benalla P-12 College, Rural Housing Network Limited, Department of Health & Human Services, Women’s Health Goulburn North East, Mental Illness Fellowship, Tomorrow Today, Mind Australia, GoTafe, Benalla Lions Club, Carer’s & Parents support Group Inc., North East Support & Action for Youth (NESAY), Gateway Health, St Vincent De Paul’s.

If you think that your organisation should be part of this network contact us 

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