Goulburn Integrated Family Violence Committee


Women and children live free from violence in the Goulburn area.

Strategic Goal

To improve the Family Violence system in Goulburn so it is united, integrated and responsive.

Guiding Principles

Violence against women and children:

  • Is a gendered issue and unacceptable in any form
  • Is a shared community responsibility
  • Is a public health issue with ongoing social and economic impacts
  • Victim survivors, vulnerable children and families are safe and supported to recover and thrive


The Executive Committee is committed to:

  • Actively hearing the voice of local communities affected by Family Violence
  • Using evidence based outcomes to measure our accountability
  • Being curious and trialling new innovation and co-design models
  • Ensuring new funding into our region is used to address agreed unmet need in a timely and planned process (including prevention and early intervention)
  • Perpetrators are held to account, are engaged and connected

The executive committee fully supports the Operational Group and the working groups within the operational. The working groups are time limited and outcome focused and are currently focussing on:

  • Support and Safety Hubs
  • Identify service gaps and trends
  • Workforce Development
  • Family Violence Education
  • Perpetrator Accountability