Hume Integrated Family Violence Committee (HIFVC) is a multi-disciplinary partnership leading the integration of family violence and related services in the Hume region. Research and experience have shown that an integrated approach is the best way to keep people safe from violence. The HIFVC is putting family violence reform into practice to provide a coordinated response to one of Victoria's greatest contemporary public health concerns - from primary prevention and education, to crisis support and legal assistance. The Hume region is separated into two areas to meet the varied needs of such a large and diverse population.

Our vision:

To improve the safety of women and children in Goulburn Ovens Murray.

Our aim:

Each area has their own goals and priorities:
Goulburn aim to ensure system integration through perpetrator accountability, support & safety hubs, improving hospital responses to family violence and family violence education through community forums. Ovens Murray are working to improve the following: strengthen integration, increase safety of women and children in legal settings, increase support to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women and children, act as advocates and leaders, build the capacity of our workforce, and support men who are perpetrators of family violence to change.


  • Specialist women’s family violence services
  • Specialist men’s family violence services
  • Specialist children’s and families family violence services
  • Specialist Aboriginal services and committees
  • Sexual assault services
  • Housing and Homelessness services
  • Community Health
  • Department of Health & Human Services
  • Victoria Police
  • Magistrate’s Courts of Victoria
  • Department of Justice and Regulation
  • Women specific services
  • Community Legal Services